Way, Way Behind

2. March 2006 18:35

Well, it seems as though I haven't posted anything in about 2 years.  Well, maybe that is a little over-dramatic.  It has been more like a month.  At any rate, in the blogging world (especially the technical realm), a month is a long time to go without any posts.

I have been busy with attempting to make a lot of changes to my site.  After completing a project at work with DotNetNuke, it finally sold me on the framework.  I am trying to get my site re-worked in DNN.  Unfortunately, I have encountered an unending list of trust issues with GoDaddy.  They offer one-click installations of both Community Server and DNN.  I am actually running their one-click installation of CS for this site.  However, they restrict access to the database and virtual directory where the application is installed.  This makes customizations quite difficult, if not impossible. 

Since I want more control over my data and source, I have been trying to get a manual installation working.  It wasn't a problem to get DNN installed.  The problem has been with random Security Exceptions.  I start the process of adding/editing content and at random intervals I start getting a FileIO Security Exception.  The description of the message indicates an operation was attempted that is not allowed by the trust level.  If I add a space to the end of web.config to force an application restart, the problem will go away for a random amount of time again.  I have been unable to find an consistent module or process to reproduce the problem.  It has been consistently inconsistent.  The only thing that is certain is restarting the web application temporarily resolves the problem.

In any case, I have reached the end of my patience in attempting to resolve the problem.  I have decided that it is time for GoDaddy and me to part ways.  Even though it is going to cost me more money, I plan on getting an ASPNix Virtual Private Server account.  Based on the comparisons I have made with others hosting companies, ASPNix offers an incredible amount of goodies for $49.95/month or $499.50/year.  Unfortunately, they have experienced such a high demand for their VPS plans that signups are temporarily disabled.  I have spoken to customer service and they will start accepting signups again in two or three weeks once they have more hardware.

In the meantime, I will keep the site on CS and hosted at GoDaddy for another month or two.  This will give me some time to prepare for the painful transition of moving my content from GoDaddy's cloaked CS database to my VPS.  It will be so nice to finally have complete control over my domain!

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