Google Calendar API Released

20. April 2006 18:16

I have been extremely busy this week completing my presentations for the Alabama Code Camp this weekend.  However, when I found out about this, I had to take a moment to blog about it.

After releasing their Google Calendar, it didn't take very long for the Google Calendar API to be released.  This looks very cool.  It is offered as part of their GData API.  Essentially, it works using XML over HTTP.  It supports RSS and Atom.  For editing, it uses the Atom Publishing Protocol.  This allows for publishing and editing data using only HTTP requests in a REST-style approach.  Any language should be able to use the API, but Google has already written C# and Java libraries.

There is a good chance that I will be incorporating this into my demo for my Mash-Ups 101 session.  If you make it to code camp, then come by and check out the presentation.  I will also have it posted on the blog over the weekend.

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