The Votes Are In: WCF For July BUG.NET Meeting

14. June 2006 05:40

I wrote a few weeks ago about a poll that I posted to allow the Birmingham .NET User Group to choose their preferred topic for my presentation at the July meeting.  Since the information was published on my blog and an email sent to the registered members of the user group, I have received 29 votes.  Surprisingly, it was almost an even split, but Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) won by only three votes.

This tells me that both WCF and Mashups using ATLAS have the potential to be good topics for future presentations.  However, I am sticking with the poll and presenting an "first look" at WCF.  It will probably be titled something to the effect of: Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation: What Does It Do and Why Should I Care?  I am still working on the complete agenda, but it will provide a high level overview of the architecture of WCF and some of the key concepts such as contracts and behaviors.  Of course, there will also be a couple of impressive demos. ;p

Thanks to everyone who took a moment to vote their preferrence.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  We want to ensure that the user group is focusing on areas that people truly are interested in hearing.  If you have some suggestions, feel free to drop me a line or stop by the user group forum and make a post.

I hope to see you next month at the meeting.


6/30/2006 8:29:50 AM #

I too am interested in WCF and would really dig if you made a trip up here an hour or so north to Huntsville. Drop me a line at my e-addy - danwygant

Rock on dude!
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7/15/2006 11:42:26 PM #



I would love to come up and speak for the Huntsville User Group.  This particular presentation is intended to be an introductory look at the technology and primarily focuses on the fundamental concepts.  I will send you an email with additional information.

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