Alabama Code Camp #3

14. September 2006 13:20

I recently mentioned that the next Alabama Code Camp has been planned for next month.  The website has finally been updated and the call for speakers is now open.  If you are interested in delivering a presentation or know of someone that would be, download the speaker form from the website and follow the instructions.  Registration is not open yet.  Keep an eye on the website over the new few weeks.  Once it opens up, I will be sure to pass the word along.

I have submitted two presentations for the event: "Introduction to WCF" and "Extensibility in WCF".  The first presentation will basically be a crash course in the fundamental concepts that should give you enough information to get started playing around with the technology.  The second presentation will expand upon the introduction by taking a closer look at some of the advanced concepts of WCF.  It will specifically focus on the major extensibility points such as channels, behaviors, and security.

The event is still planned for Saturday, October 28th at the Auburn University Campus in Montgomery.  Put it on your calendar and make plans to attend.  Come on out to support the local developer community, encourage some new speakers, network with other developers, learn something new, and you might just enjoy yourself as well.  The event has always been great, but it has also consistently improved with each iteration.  Don't miss out on this opportunity.

I hope to see you there!

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