Reflector 5.0 Released

20. February 2007 17:56

I have been trying to avoid reposting content that is already circulating the blogosphere, but this is a particularly useful announcement that is deserving of maximum exposure.

Late last night, Lutz Roeder released the latest version of Reflector.  He has added several cool features.  Rather than going into all of the details myself, I will defer to Scott Hanselman since he has already written a great post that provides one of the best breakdowns I have seen regarding the capabilities of the tool. 

By now, I would like to think that every .NET developer is aware of the existence of this utility.  Unfortunately, I doubt every .NET developer is aware of the utility's complete capabilities.  If you are one of these people, take five minutes to educate yourself about Reflector.  Reaping the benefits of what it can do for you is well worth such a small investment.