Microsoft Surface Announced

31. May 2007 07:13

I have tried to avoid regurgitating information that has already been circulating the blogosphere.  However, I am going to break that rule today because the topic is just too damn cool!  Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new product known as Surface.  If you haven't heard about it, do yourself a favor and visit the site right now!  I mean now!  Stop reading this and go do it, but be sure to watch the videos!

All I can say is WOW! 

I read where Scott Guthrie mentioned another very interesting tidbit of information.  Surface actually uses WPF and the .NET Framework to deliver the table UI experience.  How awesome is that?

It is a very cool concept, and some of the videos on the site really drive home the potential of what this thing can do.  I had read about this concept in the past, but I had no idea it was this close to actually being marketable.  At any rate, I really see a lot of possibilities for the product.  Imagine sitting down to play a game with your friends by interacting with the coffee table!  Sign me up!

Here is an article on Popular Mechanics that covers more information about the design of the device.

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