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25. February 2008 13:07

I decided to take a couple of nights to catch up on sleep.  So, I'm a little late about posting a follow up about code camp.  At any rate, another code camp has come and gone.  In my opinion, the event was enormously successful.  It appeared to be one of the largest crowds to date for the Alabama Code Camp series.  Registration prior to the event was closed after 200 people, and I would be willing to wager at least 150 or more of them showed up on Saturday.

For the most part, I felt as though my sessions went well.  I would have to say my classic "Introduction to WCF" presentation was my best of the day.  The room was packed out and most of the attendees seemed to be engaged and interested.  If it hadn't been for a few slots that needed to be filled, I probably wouldn't have even given the introductory talk.  But, I'm glad that I did.  It goes to show that there are still a lot of folks unacquainted with WCF or were looking for a refresher.  I'll be sure to submit this one again at future events.

My talk on REST vs SOAP from a WCF perspective also went relatively well.  However, the 45 minute limit on the session really caused me some grief.  During my rehearsal of the presentation, I felt pretty good about the layout in regards to time, but it didn't pan out so well for the real deal.  I ended up having to rush through a lot of the code at the end. 

The parallel programming talk was easily my worst of the day, but I appreciate those who told me they enjoyed the material.  It was definitely an experimental presentation, and I probably kept it at too high level.  As I was preparing the material, I restructured it several times and never reached a point where I was completely happy with it.  Given the wide range of experience and backgrounds of individuals attending code camp, it was difficult to decide which group to target.  At any rate, I appreciate the attendees allowing me to use them for a trial run.  I will definitely be giving this presentation again, but it will be dramatically different.  Most likely, it will become a two part presentation.  The first one will be mostly conceptual with adequate code to reinforce the concepts and the second part will jump right into the nuts and bolts of Parallel LINQ.

Here are the downloads for each presentation.  Each zip file contains both the presentations and the demos.

Introduction to Parallel Programming
Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
REST vs SOAP: Is There Really A Winner (WCF's Perspective)

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