Presenting for BUG.NET on April 14th

9. April 2009 04:13

On Tuesday, April 14th at 6:30 PM, I’ll be presenting for the Birmingham .NET User Group.  The meeting will be held at the usual venue of New Horizons.  I’ll be giving an overview of the SOLID principles since there has been a extensive attention to the subject over the last few months, and there are a lot of the developers in the area that have been asking for clarity on the principles. 

Here is the abstract:

SOLID is an acronym that represents five crucial principles of class design in object oriented development.  The terms were originally coined by Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob).  Although these concepts are certainly not new, they have received considerable press in the .NET community over the last several months, but there is still a lot of confusion among many developers regarding their meaning.  In this session, we will examine the significance of these principles and examples of how to apply them in your applications.